Residential Custom Cabinetry

Bergman offers residential services such as Custom Laminate and Solid Surface Countertops, Closet Fit-ups, European Shelving and Cabinets.

Custom Laminate and Solid Surface Countertops

Replacing an old countertop in a home doesn't need to be a large, disturbing or expensive job. Plastic laminate tops are a 1/3 of the cost of granite and stone, and with the modern colors and patterns, they are beautiful as well.

Our skilled professionals will template your existing countertop without altering your daily flow. Then we'll take out your old countertop and replace it with a quality laminate or solid surface countertop with minimal impact to your home and life. We'll even facilitate the handling of the plumbing to take the burden off the homeowner. Quick in, quick out, and a beautiful new countertop.

Closet Fit-ups and European Shelving and Cabinets

Frameless or "European" type cabinets feature very minimal gaps between door and drawer faces. While this type of construction is used almost exclusively in commercial applications, it is a space-efficient solution for closet fit ups and shelving solutions.